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The Bay Area faces a severe housing crisis. Affordable and low-income housing options are in short supply in the Bay Area. Case management services are offered to encourage housing stability and prevent homelessness. 

Project Independence (PI)

PI is a shallow rent subsidy program with services coordination support for very low income people with HIV or AIDS who live in Alameda County in the San Francisco Bay Area. By providing a small rental subsidy to eligible individuals and their families who are already stably housed, the philosophy of the program is to prevent homelessness before it starts. The amount of rental assistance to be received is determined based on the size of the unit, and the combined adjusted household income. A monthly subsidy can range from $204.00 to $444.00.

EARN UP TO $150 EXTRA! - PI participants who refer new participants to the PI program can earn up to $150 extra per successful referral. 

Short-term Rental Mortgage and Utility (STRMU) Assistance Program

STRMU is for persons living with HIV who are at risk of homelessness, but will remain housed with small amounts of assistance. The program provides for emergency needs for a not to exceed 21 out of 52 weeks of assistance to help currently housed HIV+ low income persons stay housed. The STRMU program will pay for back rent.

  • You must be HIV+.

  • Your total income household income cannot exceed 80% of Area Median Income (AMI), as per Alameda County.

  • You must currently live in Alameda County and be named as tenant under the written lease or own the home you live in.

  • Your monthly rent or mortgage payment, plus basic utilities (telephone; except cell phone, electricity, water & sewer, gas and trash), may not be more than 60% of your current monthly total household income.

  • You cannot be receiving housing or utility assistance from another program.

  • You must be a U.S. Citizen or have lawful immigrant status

What kind of assistance is available
  • Rent; back rent and late fees (Mobile homes are eligible)

  • Mortgage; mortgage in arrears; late fees; taxes, insurance and other fees if escrow

  • Basic utilities (as noted above)

Emergency Rental Assistance

First month's rent and deposit may be available in certain cases for people in need.

Persons interested in the housing programs should contact Pearlin Grannum at (510) 904-5980 or

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