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GET TESTED NOW 510-663-7979

Rapid HIV Treatment

In the event you receive a reactive or positive test result, you can start treatment immediately.

In-Clinic & Mobile (7-day supply w/ mandatory viral load laboratory test ordered by Physician)

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HIV Screening

APEB provides Rapid (20 Min) needle-free HIV screening provided on site, mobile, and at-home self test. To order a self-test, contact a Healthlink Navigator at 510-663-7979 or email

Hepatitis C (HCV/Hep-C)

All HEP-C services are in person




Rapid 20 mins in clinic, 1:1, & mobile (results received online)

Home self test

Substance Use

Rapid In-Clinic & Mobile (by appt./request only)

PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis)

ALL PrEP activities are in person, NOT ELIGIBLE FOR *At-Home Self Testing

In-Clinic 20-min Rapid 4th Generation Antigen/Antibody Finger Stick Test w/ Same Day Start PrEP (7-day Supply of Descovy & Labs required for additional supply)

Mobile Same Day Start (7-Day Supply w/ Lab follow-up)

211/Event Dosing  

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Rapid in Clinic, 1:1 & Mobile

Birth Control/ Plan B

Can be given same-day w/ or w/o Physicians approval at no cost) 

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