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GET TESTED NOW 510-904-5990

Rapid HIV Treatment

In the event you receive a reactive or positive test result, you can start treatment immediately.

In-Clinic & Mobile (7-day supply w/ mandatory viral load laboratory test ordered by Physician)

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List of Tests

HIV Screening

APEB provides Rapid (20 Min) needle-free HIV screening provided on site, mobile, and at-home self test.

You can HIV test at home for FREE! Free and fast at home HIV testing is available to you. To request at at home test, please call (510) 904-5990 or email

PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis)

ALL PrEP activities are in person, NOT ELIGIBLE FOR *At-Home Self Testing

In-Clinic 20-min Rapid 4th Generation Antigen/Antibody Finger Stick Test w/ Same Day Start PrEP (7-day Supply of Descovy & Labs required for additional supply)

Mobile Same Day Start (7-Day Supply w/ Lab follow-up)

211/Event Dosing  

Hepatitis C (HCV/Hep-C)

All HEP-C services are in person (In-Clinic and  Mobile)


Rapid 20 mins in clinic, 1:1, & mobile (results received online)

Home self test


Rapid in Clinic, 1:1 & Mobile

Birth Control/ Plan B

Can be given same-day w/ or w/o Physicians approval at no cost) 

Substance Use

Rapid In-Clinic & Mobile (by appt./request only)

Persons wishing to get tested should call (510) 904-5990 or email

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