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APEB Board of Directors Appoints George Jackson as Executive Director

April 11, 2022 – Oakland, California – The Board of Directors of AIDS Project of the East

Bay (APEB), has appointed Mr. George Jackson, Jr. to the role of Executive Director. Jackson

has served as the Interim for the past two years and was selected after an intensive review of

his accomplishments and performance during this interim period.

Jackson joined the organization in 2011 as an Outreach Worker and quickly distinguished

himself as a leader at APEB and in the greater Bay Area communities. As the longest serving

employee at AIDS Project of the East Bay, Jackson has managed several high performing

programs and has supported the viability of the organization by attracting federal, corporate

and local grants and contracts, and speaking at national and international public health


“Mr. Jackson’s professional journey is a testament to the power and mission-critical role that

community-based organizations like APEB have and can play. Jackson as a young leader, and APEB both stand to gain much from this action, and it is clear that Mr. Jackson cares deeply about and is dedicated to the communities that APEB was created to serve,” says Dr. Stephaun Wallace, Board Chair of APEB.

Within his first six months as Interim Executive Director, Jackson raised nearly $1M in

funding to support the organization’s ability to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then,

he has strategically implemented systems to improve APEB’s efficiency and sustainability.

Presently, APEB is building job opportunities for members of the community, partnering with

academia to replicate its data-driven evidence-based interventions, community involvement,

and transparency.

"It is with esteemed gratitude that I thank APEB's Board of Directors for their confidence in

me and would like to personally express my appreciation for helping me achieve my wildest

dreams. I want to thank all of the staff, consumers and community partners for their

commitment to APEB’s success and growth. Enthusiastically I look forward to serving

APEB’s stakeholders as we strive to end HIV in the Bay Area," says Jackson.

As Executive Director, Jackson will work closely with APEBs Board and staff to ensure the

organization continues to be a leader in HIV prevention & services, through the ongoing

COVID-19 crisis and beyond. One of his first acts as the Executive Director will be to

convene an inaugural community town hall. This listening session will serve as an opportunity

to enhance community relationships and partnerships, and support increasing linkages and

referrals to APEBs programs and services.

About AIDS Project of the East Bay

Founded in 1983, AIDS Project of the East Bay (APEB) is the oldest AIDS Service

Organization in the East Bay. APEB’s mission is to prevent new HIV infections and to support

individuals living with the virus through programs prioritizing some of the most vulnerable

and marginalized individuals. The charity seeks to provide culturally sensitive, nonjudgmental, and essential services including HIV/HCV specialty healthcare, housing

assistance, COVID-19/HIV/Hep-C testing and more. Learn more at

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